Helping Students Prepare and Succeed in the Virtual Classroom…

Happy New Year! As students across the country head back to their virtual or hybrid classrooms in 2021, here are a some tips to help your scholars succeed in a virtual, hybrid, or traditional classroom setting.
  1. Get Organized!
  2. Set up a Learning Space. (i.e Desk, Chair, Small Table, Chrome Book, School supplies, etc.)
  3. Develop a Daily Routine.
    • Wake your scholar up at the same time daily.
    • Eat breakfast/snack.
    • Stay connected to your Scholars school and teacher.
  4. Check in with your Scholar at the Beginning and End of the school day. (i.e. Ask questions)
  5. Help Scholars Manage Stress. (Stretch, Take deep Breaths, Journal, and Connect Safely with Family and Friends.)
  6. Establish Quiet and Reflection Time.
  7. Allow Scholars to Enjoy Physical Activity.
  8. Be Flexible.
These are unprecedented times for our students. However, with support, your scholar will continue to thrive academically on all educational platforms.
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